Position: National Director -- Electronic Commerce
The Process:
  • As part of a new corporate strategy, a leading Midwest medical insurance company is aggressively pursing growth by penetrating multiple states and offering new products. As a result of this strategy, a new position, National Director Electronic Commerce was created. The goal of the new position is to develop an alternative distribution channel using electronic commerce as a vehicle for existing and new products including channel strategy, joint venture relationships, and the innovation of new products and services the Company should be offering.

  • Our consultative process allowed M. Wood's team to consult the Company on not only the current needs of the organization but address the strategic growth initiatives: such as future of the channel (i.e. SBU), revenue targets, competition with existing channels, and much more.

  • M. Wood partnered with the Chief Marketing Officer to consider several criteria for the channel: long term staff retention and stability, definition of first year and future deliverables, opportunities for individual and company growth, culture definition, etc. It was critical for M. Wood's team to be intimately involved with the company to understand the dynamics of the current needs, but also structure the position to guide the channel into the future.

  • M. Wood's strong background in technology along with experience in start-up business units proved valuable in developing the search specification. The specification kept an eye towards specific technical and organizational issues, in addition to outlining key marketing attributes.

  • Aligning the position within the marketing function brought unique challenges. There are two important pieces to leverage.
    • Knowledge of electronic commerce and best practices to successfully communicate with IT to build the channel. Identify resources that are needed.
    • Marketing understanding. Ability to develop the business plan, but utilize marketing techniques to bring revenue into the channel (i.e. direct and channel marketing).

  • The assessment phase of process brought candidates with varying degrees of functional and industry experience. M. Wood partnered with the Company to conduct a skills assessment of the current organization and determine the "right" fit for the culture and current deficiencies; not only looking at today, but into the future.

  • A successful candidate was secured. This individual not only brought a balance between the dynamics of electronic commerce and marketing; but also had a strong business background to position the channel for future growth.


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